4K video production is here.

Lighting Package

Like digital camera technologies and changing workflows, video lighting is undergoing a revolution as well. I’ve explored, tinkered and evaluated, with my efforts resulting in a lighting package that I believe excels in most situations.

Dateline interview

Josh Mankiewicz gets the facts during Dateline NBC interview. DesMoines, Iowa.

Area 48 soft LED.

Area 48 Soft LED in its basic configuration.



BBS Area 48 hi-power LED lights – 2

I evaluated a lot of new wave LED lights, and these instruments were a clear winner. I use them almost exclusively as my key lights in interviews. They create a beautiful wraparound effect, and when supplemented with crates and grid cloth the results are stunning. They can be used with three different color temperatures, 3200K, 4300K and 5600K.


AADyn Jab Hurricane

AADyn JAB Hurricane – high powered LED – shown without barn doors or lens.

Aadyn JAB “Hurricane” high powered LED light – 2

This light is an impressive example of current lighting technology. It is the most powerful, compact all weather LED fixture available in today’s market. An exceptional outdoor light, it truly shines when the weather turns iffy but you still need to continue the production. It’ll work relentlessly through a hurricane or a blizzard. The light is dimmable, a fantastic feature. And it comes with a set of lenses which allows control of the throw of the light pattern. Colorado 4K Productions owns two of these lights, plus a Hurricane Jr. so any outdoor setup, even a multi camera interview, is doable. A Matthews 8×8 butterfly scrim complements the outdoor package.



Teen age discussion

Stephanie Gosk gets the latest word from teens for the Today Show.

Visual Buddha bi-color 1×1 LEDs –

 Combining a small footprint with an easy set up and low power consumption makes 1×1 LEDs a staple of the business. I chose Visual Buddhas for their precise color accuracy and quality of light. These lights are fully dimmable and can be quickly dialed in to color temperatures ranging from tungsten to daylight.

KinoFlo Diva 200 watt kit – 2 light package, tungsten or daylight.

Tungsten instruments
2 Source IV Junior ellipsoidal, 550 watts, with a wide variety of gobos.
4 Arri 150 watt Fresnel lights with barn doors, dimmers.
(2) Mole Richardson 200 watt in-betweenies
2 Arri 300 watt lights with barn doors.

Stands and grip equipment

Wide variety of Matthews stands, Manfrotto mountain stands, Bogen C-Stands with extendable boom arms, Magic Dimmers, Westcott 6×6 and 4×4 scrims.

Canon c300 on Kessler jib in Aspen.

Canon c300 waits to go into action mounted on a Kessler Pro Jib arm. Aspen, CO. Dateline NBC. 2014.

Additional production tools

Kessler Pocket Jib Pro – jib arm with seven foot reach. Handles payloads up to fifty pounds.

Kessler 3 foot CineSlider with Second Shooter – this is an exciting, new production tool. Take a three foot slider, put a three axis head on it, then motorize it. Perfect! Motorized dolly shots, a moving second camera on an interview, and time lapse images are all possible with this fun and useful motion platform. Pictures coming soon.

Dana Dolly – another resourceful way to put the camera in motion. The Dana is a stout dolly, capable of doing up to ten foot moves.

Matthews 8×8 overhead frames with silks – heavy duty combo stands, wheels. Invaluable for outdoor interviews.


Interview set up for 60 Minutes Sports.

Outdoor sit-down interview for 60 Minutes Sports. Colorado Springs, CO.


DJI Inspire 1 –  quadcopter with 4K camera and gimbal.