4K video production is here.

Cameras and Lenses

F55 and dolly setup

Sony F55 at work with Canon c300 on a Dana dolly. Disney for Lincoln Square Productions.

All cameras, lenses and support gear are owned and operated by Colorado 4K Productions.
Most of these cameras are also available on a rental basis. If interested, please contact us and we’ll send you a rental price list.

2 Sony PMW-F55s

Canon CN-E 17-120mm servo driven large sensor zoom lens and primes

The extremely powerful Sony F55 is the foundation of my large sensor camera packages. In fact, I now have two F55s. The camera is rich in features and delivers stunning images in formats ranging from 4K RAW to good old regular HD in MPEG 422. I’ve matched the dynamic Canon 17-120 CineServo lens to the package, providing the ability to have a true top of the line 4K zoom lens with a servo. Yes, it’s servo driven, which eliminates a lot of the time constraints of placing the proper focal length prime lens on the camera, and then getting the shot to work with the prime lens. So feel free to ask me to zoom in on that item of interest, it’s not a problem. I don’t have to change a lens, or tell you it’s not really possible. However, I found that it wasn’t quite flexible enough in interview set ups, so I’ve added Canon CN-E 85 and 135 mm primes as well as a Zeiss CP2 100 mm. prime lens.

John Elway interview

John Elway is in the house. Fox Sports.

Prime lenses:

Canon CN-E 85mm, Canon CN-E 135mm, Zeiss CP2 100mm



Canon 17-120 Cineservo lens

The Canon 17-120 Cineservo is an invaluable tool when paired with the Sony F55.


 Canon Eos c300

 A versatile camera that produces stunning 35 mm sensor looks. I’ll usually use the c300 as a second or lock down camera on an interview or mate it with the Kessler Cineslider or Pro Jib. It’s light weight makes it extremely easy to use on sliders, dollies and jibs. It’s small profile allows for easy use in confined places and its low light sensitivity is extraordinary. It has its limits, but it’s a very useful video tool.



Carl in Santiago, Chile.

Carl eyes up a shot with the c300 in Santiago, Chile.


Sony XDCam  F800 and Panasonic AJ-PX5000G

 A laser based disc camera that’s popular with people interested in utilizing the advantages of a full size  2/3″ ENG/EFP camera and recording to a digital based workflow. The Sony F800 records to 1080i or 720p at 60, 30 or 24fps, and to standard def formats as well. The Panny 5000 offers a few more bells and whistles and delivers in a P2 format.



Lindsay Vonn live shot

Lindsay Vonn in Vail moments before a live appearance on NBC’s Today Show.


With all of our 2/3 inch block cameras there are two lens options:

Canon HJ11ex x 4.7B wide angle HD lens –  an industry standard for producing exceptionally high quality high def images.

Canon HJ22ex x 7.6B normal HD lens – this is the longest focal length portable HD lens made by Canon. Combined with an exceptionally high sensitivity (F1.8 maximum aperture) this is a lens that can encompass an unusually broad range of shooting situations.



Sony A7rII – the newest iteration of this camera. It has a mind boggling 42 megapixels in a full frame sensor. Great for 4K or HD video, and fantastic for raw picture based time lapses.

Sony A7sII – again, this is the latest release for this camera. Now 4K capable, it’s low light sensitivity makes it a must have tool for low light video situations.


All the lenses offered are L-series Canon lenses. They provide the ability to create the highest quality images.

  • Canon 8-15mm zoom, fisheye, f2.8
  • Canon 16-35mm zoom, f2.8
  • Canon 24-70mm zoom, f2.8
  • Canon 50mm prime, f1.2
  • Canon 70-200mm zoom, f2.8
  • Canon 100mm f2.8 macro


muddy GoPro

A GoPro that’s had a good day.


GoPro pov Hero HD cameras – five GoPros available for field use. A wide variety of mounting options are available to satisfy every situation. The GoPros all set up for wifi allowing for easy use and viewing on an iPad or iPhone.