4K video production is here.

Sony F55 outside on a shoot.

Shooting high country b-roll for Dateline NBC with a Sony F55 and Canon 17-120 Cineservo lens.

Colorado 4K Productions is the place to go for both high quality 4K and high-definition, digital video production. 

Colorado 4K Productions takes the lead in new gear, new cameras and the latest technology. 

We now have matching Sony F55s, and have upgraded to Sony A7rII and Sony A7sII DSLRs for improved time lapse and night imagery performance. 

C4K Productions has also added another AAdyn-Tech JAB Hurricane and Hurricane Jr. Outdoor interviews and stand ups are no problem.

Want the best? You’ve come to the right place!

4K production is the most significant upgrade to television production since the introduction of high-definition video. It’s a production method and it has its own sets of skills and its own workflow. But it’s a process and not the destination.

Storytelling is at the heart of great video. Stunning images by themselves are meaningless. When they’re woven into a story for broadcast or a story about your product or company, then it becomes compelling. The mission of Colorado 4K Productions is to develop your ideas and mold them into an effective video product. Great storytelling transforms words and video into a powerful message.

Colorado 4K Productions, based in the Denver metro area, is grounded in the present and building bridges to the future. The business model is based on team building. It might be as easy as hiring an audio engineer and heading out to take care of your field production needs, or putting together a larger team to craft the story of your company, business, product line or non-profit venture. Consulting, development and production are all on the menu.

Colorado 4K Productions began its life as Elk Run Productions, and we’re celebrating our twenty-first anniversary this year. The name change is a nod to the developments in an ever changing industry and represents our ability to stay current and relevant. Our roster of national and local clients believe that Carl Filoreto and Colorado 4K Productions stand for quality, service and creative excellence.